Digitalism's Taken Away

Feel free to check out our remix of Digitalism's taken away. Sadly, we're too late for the remix competition itself.
here's the link:
soda & suds

Old Shit/ New Shit

Check our new remix of Oh Snap's (you know, the fat guy who makes own songs with funny lyrics and made some acapellas of Crookers and Mstrkrft, he's really hot!) on our myspace ( . The track is called "everyone's a dj(Soda & Suds are freaks Remix)", zsharelink:

And here's the new version of our Black&Gold Remix, Universal(yes! It was n official remix) didn't want it because it wasn't radio friendly enough! So show it some love, play it, promote it (send it to blogs). Thanks!

More Old Shit: a re-edit from the Soda&Suds classic Guerilla Radio, its even bigger than it used to be, and more easy to mix in your set! check it out!

cheers, soda&suds

or don't wait for zshare and pick the tracks up on the blogs:

Penned madness
I'm a deckhead
No Vegas

Kid Sister - Pro Nails (Soda & Suds Fidget Rmx)

New Remix, a Fidget Run, we used the vocal from Pro Nails, by Kid Sister feat Kanye West,
Check it out now!

Kid Sister ft Kanye West - Pro Nails (Soda & Suds Fidget Rmx)

The culture of me
Music Bitch
Poppin Burners
Docking station
Indie Dancefloor

Brand New Track! Zapatista!

Hi kids!
Its been a while, but we have a brand new track: Zapatista!
We also decided to work some more on the audio bullys remix, so I'm taking that one down.
But here's the track, its hard, its banging!

Zapatista- Soda & Suds

Get it, Play it, Enjoy it, Promote it!

Zapatista is all over the blogs:
Data Sapiens
Welcome to dance club
Oh gosh! they've taken panoramix
Southside Discotech
Social Club

cocottic !!

Soda&Suds used the blender again: a mashup from daft punk's 'technologic' and teenage bad girl's 'cocotte (boys noize rmx)'
Just an extra gift from your best friends.
The boys noize remix from cocotte (teenage bad girl) is great but it could use a vocal, what about a daft punk! Very usefull in a liveset, check it out!
It wasn't hard labour makin' it, but like the schuur would say: "we have to take our responsibility, some one has to do it"

Daft Punk vs Teenage bad girl(boysnoize rmx) - cocottic (Soda&Suds mashup)

Enjoy it.
And already on our favorite scandinavian blog!

Soda & Suds promo mixtape for Bombastequal

Hi kids!
We've made a promo mixtape for the great electroclashparty this september in Kortrijk, aka K-Town, our home city. Line-up is: Dj Lotto, Soda & Suds, les petits pilous, the subs, foxylane, nudex, keatch vs geht's noch
Here's the link: Promo Mix

The Playlist:
Justice - DVNO (Les Petits Pilous rmx)
Boys Noize - Oh! (A-Trak rmx)
Bart B More - So it goes
Andy George - Big Dipper (Hijack rmx)
Foamo - Moving It Over Here
Kid Cudy - Day 'n' Night (Crookers rmx)
Metallica - Master of Puppets (Agmet Fucked Up rmx)
Dizzee Rascal - Flex (Dave Spoon rmx)
Alex Gopher - Belmondo ( The Subs rmx)
Geht's Noch? - Call It Love
Don Rimini - Let Me Back Up (Crookers Tejuin rmx)
Unkle - Restless (Fake Blood rmx)
Crookers vs Daft Punk - Agmet's Technologique Mashup
High Powered Boys - Hoes Get Down
Housemeister - In Order To Dance
Nudex - Light Sleeper
Shameboy - Splend It (Soda & Suds Not Winning but Still Great rmx)

Also from K-Town: RK Kids, who made us a remix of Distortion Saturation Overdrive
Here's the link

This Thursday, vote for Sebastien Tellier in the Eurosong Festival!
We love the song, such great music doesnt fit in such a conservative pricksparty, but yeah hope he will win!

love, soda and suds

American 80's boy

A mashup we made for ourselves, to get the summer in the club, but we are as generous as santaclaus so here it is!
Its Estelle's amercan boy & calvin harris' acceptable in the 80's in soda&suds blender!

Soda & Suds on drake's cyber residence

Nice post, It's summertime!
Than something rather odd, check this out! A spanish(?) blog posted our tracks!

Summer, flowers and MAYEM!

Secondly I present to you all another amazing banger! Soda & Suds did an astonishing job with some Dada life material. They called the final product Big fun, actually it's a mash up of Big time, released in 2006, and fun fun fun. What a result.. what a tune! Actually they also deserve to be DCR's tune of the month.. maybe we will switch them later.. Also check out their myspace (I have a hunch we will be posting their splend it remix also in the next couple of weeks).


En la música les dejo a los Sugar & Suds que a su escaso medio de año de tocar le andan dando vuelo a la hilacha en su país natal Bélgica. En su space tienen unos sets de ¡ah jijo! y se pueden descargar.

Splend it remix!

Soda&Suds made a new remix for a belgian band,
shameboy, but hey! Just Splend It!

Steal It here!

Remixing RATM: SebastiAn and Soda&Suds!

We were surprised when we heared our rage remix was on a scandinavian blog, together with sebastiAns edit!
We have no idea what they saying, but is kinda cool!

Remixing Rage Against The Machine


Der er virkelig noget at leve op til, når man som elektronisk kunstner forsøger sig med et remix af legendariske Rage Against The Machine. Dog har SebastiAn før forsøgt sig med et remix af Killing In The Name, som jeg egentlig synes var lidt vagt, dog ikke destro mindre velproduceret.

Soda&Suds er 2 belgiske dj’s der godt kan lide elektro, nu-rave og techno - og tilsyndeladende dEUS, eftersom deres navn er opkaldt efter dEUS’ sang, Sods and Soda.

Soda&Suds har også forsøgt sig med at remixe Rage Against The Machine som jeg egentlig synes at der er kommet et overraskende godt resultat ud af, på trods af mine fordomme om at et par ukendte belgiske dj’s ikke bør remixe legenderne i RATM, da de umuligt vil kunne leve op til det - lyt selv:

RATM - Guerilla Radio (Soda and Suds Remix) (download)

RATM - Killing in the Name (SebastiAn Remix) (download)

Soda & Suds pour tous!

Thanks to electro pour tous, they posted about us!
Check it out, its a nice one!

Big Fun- Soda&Suds Remix already on GHOD!

Get hyped on this already have a post about our new dada life remix.
You can download our new remix here

Soda&Suds remixed Dada Life: Big Fun!!!

Soda & Suds, the dynamic belgian duo came up with another remix just today! We're very proud to present u their 'big fun' remix. When a belgian artist comes up with this kinda shit, i'm always very excited to share this with you guys :) Pretty liquid feeling in the track, nice climax, freaky vocals and the exact right amount of speaker tearing sounds :D Enjoy... Cheers!

on GetHypedOnThis!

Another blog: GetHypedOnThis, has a Soda&Suds post:

Soda & Suds

Soda & Suds is a project from 3 young belgian dj's . They are producing banging tracks with a lot of rock/punk/alternative influences. Soda & Suds is also the name of a well known track from dEUS which yet again referes to their rock background. All i can say is check "Distortion Saturation Overdrive" and their dared remix of Guerila Radio from RATM.

Soda&Suds in germany!

Hi kids!
We've just been informed about a piece on a german blog "".
Thanks germany!

Belgien Brennt!


Ed Banger zieht Kreise. Auch Belgien scheint sich für die French-House-Schiene zu interessieren. Soda & Suds heißt das dreiköpfige DJ-Team, die gleich die ganz schweren Geschütze auffahren und einen mit einem Remix von Guerilla Radio auf den Tanzboden schicken.

Wenn man sich schon an Rage Against The Machine versucht bleibt es dabei natürlich nicht, haben sie doch auch Hot Chip, The Kills und Yelle in die Mangel genommen und gleich noch einen eigenen Track namens Distortion Saturation Overdrive hinterher geschmissen.

Kleiden tun sie sich mit T-Shirts von Goose und Boyse Noize. Man trägt die Quellenangaben auf dem Körper, wenn man es krachen lässt. Alle Tracks gibts in ihrem Blog zum Download und wer dann noch nicht genug hat, der checke den obligatorischen Myspace.

Soda & Suds on Phase02 !!!

Phase02 blogged about us, give them a hug!
I wrote it here, but check it on their blog!

Four months ago, three young Belgian DJ’s decided to start producing under the name Soda&Suds. They want just one thing, produce hard banging electro with punk, hardcore and progressive rock influences. And hard banging it is!

Their name is based on one of deus‘ big hits in Belgium Suds&Soda, which refers to their rock roots … And the mixture of several different styles you can hear in that track, is totally what Soda&Suds are aiming for in their sound.

Now check out these two track I’ve selected … they’re hard and yeah, they’ve got the guts to remix Guerila Radio form RATM! I bet that remix sounds crazy on a big bouncing soundsystem!

Soda & Suds remixed one of the best songs ever made:

hit it to download!

soda&suds feat. Spitvier: Utleg

Soda&Suds made a hiphoptrack(sic!) together with spitvier

Not their usual style, but it has a dirty bass and heavy beat, so...
Here it is:

VTK DJ-contest

On 17-03, 10 Dj's lined up for the VTK-contest.
Soda&Suds took the 2nd price home. The first place was for dj degree, who's playing in the fuse, so what the fuck was he doing there? Here's what the jury(pro-dj) wrote down:

1) Tof gedaan qua intro + met de sample: iets voor mijn verjaardagsparty;) of voor live muziekbewerking
2) nr verschillende toonhoogten + echo ed 3) Technisch mooi staaltje + evenwichtig
4) ene mixt, andere vervormt, mss iets commerciëler gaan
5) geschikt voor een groovy balzaal
6) Technisch de max

The line up
The party people
A sleepy guy
Your heroes!

Kiss for the voters!

A new mixtape: dirty feed!

Hi kids!
Here's the playlist of the latest soda and suds mixtape:

download it

  1. Feadz – Numanoid

  2. QOTSA – Better Living Through Chemistry (Streetlife Dj’s Remix)

  3. Etienne De Crecy vs Kelis – Dirty Boss

  4. Shameboy – Heartcore

  5. Jaydee – Plastic Dreams (Laidback Luke Boot)

  6. Steed Lord – Dirty Mutha (Dj Mehdi Remix)

  7. Digitalism – Idealistic (A-Trak Remix)

  8. Soda & Suds – Distortion Saturation Overdrive

  9. Bumblebeez – Dr Love (Crookers Remix)

  10. Brodinski vs Uffie – Bad Chick

  11. Soda & Suds – Rion Noglet (Agmet Crunk Remix)

  12. D.I.M. – Is You (Brodinski Remix)

  13. Martin Solveig – C’est La Vie (Goose Remix)

  14. The Bloody Beetroots – Butter

  15. Hostage – Another Hit

  16. Hot Chip – Ready For The Floor

  17. Foxylane – Human Robot

  18. Klaxons – It’s Not Over Yet (Blende Remix)